Wednesday, October 21, 2020

On top of all the other things I don't get about Trumpsters, I don't get this

40-45% of my fellow United Statesians (or at least that percentage of the voting portion of USians) are totally fine having a President who can't handle an interview where the interviewer isn't spending the whole time kissing his ass.

(It is also worth noting that if the Lesley Stahl interview really went this badly, all Trump is doing is giving 60 Minutes a bunch of free publicity, which is sure to increase the viewership of the interview. I mean, I would have had no desire to watch the interview before, but now I really want to see what minor slight triggered this total meltdown. So add the fact that Trump is remarkably bad at hiding his embarrassing moments, of which he has more than is possible to count, to the list of reasons I don't understand Trumpsters)