Friday, October 30, 2020

One hopeful sign

I have been trying remind myself that while I do think that Texas is slowly trending blue, it is still pretty unlikely that Trump won't win the state. And yet...

As of today 8,525,424 people have voted early in Texas, that is almost as much as the total number of people who voted in Texas in the 2016 presidential election (the 2016 number was 8,535,915), and at this rate it will probably exceed the 2016 number before election day. If early votes really do favor Democrats, than that is a sign that Texas really could throw its massive supply of electoral votes to Biden this year. Still unlikely, but still.

UPDATE: Less than an hour later and the total number of TX votes received for this years election is now 9,009,850, 105.56% of the total number of votes received in 2016. There are still a couple of early voting days left, plus election day itself. I have no idea if the extra people turning out are going for Biden or Trump, but if the voting population is significantly different from what we've seen before, then the assumption that TX is reliably red could very well be off.