Thursday, November 05, 2020

Hurray, another election in two months

I had been a little concerned that, assuming Trump loses (and now I'm pretty convinced he is), he would have even less restraint during the lame duck period between his election loss and Biden's inauguration on January 20. Plus, even the people around him, those alleged grown-ups who have a vested interest in not letting Trump burn everything to the ground because they care about the future of the GOP heading into an election, would also have less incentive to do anything to stop Trump.

But now it is pretty clear that both Georgia Senate races are going to a runoff on January 5. If Democrats win both, they will take control of the Senate. If they lose either, Republicans will maintain control of the Senate. So I guess there's now a chance that for most of the lame duck period, there will be some check on Republicans from being completely unrestrained. They won't want to fuck up their chances to hold the Senate.

All this is assuming that those theoretical shadowy GOP grown-ups exist and are willing and able to do stuff to make Trump and the Trumpies at least a little bit more restrained.