Friday, July 02, 2004

mood swings

i have only been in a blogging mood lately when i happen to be nowhere near a computer.

today i am a little groggy. once a year i stop having caffeine to prove that i'm not addicted. in fact it proves the opposite and today is a perfect example. the coffee was decaf this morning. and so now i have this mild headache and i've been groggy all morning. today is the first day of this year's decafination and the first day is always the worst. by tomorrow i should feel pretty normal again, provided i don't backslide. the next hurdle is next week when i cut out literally everything with even a little caffeine. even chocolate.

why do i do this to myself? i just started writing a long explanation, but then i realized i've done this before. now that i've been posting for more than a year it was pretty much inevitable that i would start repeating myself