Thursday, February 24, 2005

could be funny, but more likely sad

via tim, it looks like that gannon/guckert guys has a blog.

my favorite part so far is from this column which is currently the top post:
It wasn’t until I asked “The Question” that everything abruptly changed. Initially, my colleagues had no reaction to the query posed to President Bush. It wasn’t until Rush Limbaugh drew attention to it that there was any interest at all.
it says a lot about the state of the white house press corps that a question like: "how are you going to work with people [i.e. Senate democrats] who seem to have divorced themselves from reality?" prompts no reaction from the other reporters. this is a president who has made avoiding situations where he has to answer actual critical questions into a science (e.g.). i think it's funny that gannon/guckert thinks that the complacency of the white house press corps makes his uber-complacency somehow excusable.

the role of the press at these press conferences is to ask the president hard questions. the fact that G/G does not even see that highlights the very reason that there used to be rules against handing out press passes to partisan shills.