Thursday, February 24, 2005

sigh no more

all 4 of my longtime readers will recall the "blogging aristocracy" controversy that exploded into the world's consciousness with this post (and a follow-up post here). because i addressed the topic in december (which was, like, a whole year ago now), the world breathed a sigh of relief that another pressing issue of our time was solved. satisfied, the world sat back in its easy chair and checked that one off its list.

but the world sighed and checked too soon! yesterday, the same issue reared its head (or some body part) over at eschaton. perhaps the issue thought it could sneak past me simply because it didn't use the word "aristocracy." but once again, it underestimated the powers of my sleuthing abilities. my keen eyes noticed amongst the rapid rantings of ron/roy/rex/whatever, a reference to tas at loaded mouth, the very same blogger who raised the aristocracy issue before.

i went to tas' site and posted a few comments over there yesterday, which, because of the rude intrusion of real life, caused me to shamelessly shirk my posting responsibilities on this site. perhaps this post can be seen as a lame attempt to unshirk. how the hell do i know. what do i look like, a shirk expert?

but i digress. i guess all i'm trying to say is that if you dropped by this site yesterday you may have gotten the crazy impression that i was not playing with the internets. in fact, i was. just elsewhere.

and all i'm also trying to say is that in this debate, i've come to like this tas person. so loaded mouth will be joining my blogroll. at least whenever i get around to fiddling with it next