Saturday, September 02, 2006


Old Town

i finished uploading all of my photos from last month's baltic trip. the full set is here. as with my other photosets, most of the images are visible to anyone who drops by. but a small number, specifically the ones with images of me, mrs. noz, or my friends, are restricted only to people who i have listed with flickr as "friends." if you want to see the restricted images you need a flickr account (which is free) and you need me to designate you as a "friend", if i haven't already (feel free to ask)

now that the baltics set is done maybe i will finally get around to finishing with syria (which i haven't finished because i stopped working on to do the baltic set) and vietnam (which i stopped working on one year ago to do the syria set). then, maybe i can continue to upload my photo archive and get to turkey and kenya/uganda. at this rate, i'll be all done around 2037.