Saturday, August 04, 2007

balkinization on amending FISA

the administration's new push to get FISA amended is getting a fair amount of coverage, but what's remarkable is how little substantive information most news articles have. the ones that i have seen might discuss what FISA is, the fact that the administration's push comes after it lost a case before the secret FISA court, and various dire warnings from politicians about the horrors of not passing a FISA amendment.

but what i'm not seeing is a substantive discussion of what the various amendment proposals are, how they would change the existing law, and who supports which proposal. you know, the stuff you would need to know if you really wanted to follow the debate and hold politicians accountable for their actions and not just their laughable scare tactics.

anyway, if you want substance, the best place to look are these four posts. i expect balkinization to continue to be the place to find substantive FISA-amendment analysis throughout this debate.

(h/t think progress)