Monday, December 31, 2007

mulling the new year

inspired by mustang bobby, i'm thinking of doing a list of predictions for 2008. i'll probably post it tomorrow--i'm giving myself a day to mull things over. and my list won't be a list of things that i want to happen, but rather a list of things that i think will happen.

this hypothetical post is in it's mull stage. while usually i don't tell you guys about brewing posts, i figure i might as well see if any of you (that is the very few people who are still reading this during the new years holiday) have an predictions for the coming year. leave your predictions in the comments. if i agree with whatever you write, i might just steal the idea and include it in my upcoming post. i'll also hog the credit if it turns out to be accurate, or blame it on you if the prediction is wrong.

is that an awesome deal or what?