Sunday, February 03, 2008


clinton still has the overall advantage, but obama could end up "winning" super tuesday by getting more pledged delegates than clinton.

but even if he gets more pledged delegates on tuesday, and more delegates in the rest of the primary races after tuesday, how can he overcome clinton's clear advantage in superdelegates?

i know, i know, superdelegates are "unpledged." no matter who they endorse now they can always change their mind and cast any vote they want at the convention (unlike pledged delegates who must vote consistent with their pledge on the first ballot). but with 20% of the delegates superdelegates--that is party insiders answerable to no one as opposed to the delegates dictated by primary voters--there is a real possibility that the superdelegates decide the race in a way that is contrary to the will of the rank-and-file party members. and right now, clinton is the one with the real superdelegate advantage.

what will it mean if she gets the nomination despite obama's majority in the pledged delegates?