Friday, September 11, 2009

non-obligatory not-quite about 9/11 metapost

i never know what to do about holidays, or memorial days, or whatever the hell 9/11 is right now. in general, this blog doesn't note the occurrence of every important day. sometimes they come up, but only because the day is linked to something that i otherwise want to talk about. many holidays pass without any note here at all.

anyway, it's the eighth anniversary of 9/11. but you knew that already. everyone knows that already. so why do i need to post about it? especially considering that every other blogger in the universe already is. it seems pretty well covered to me. what could i possibly add?

that got me curious about what i have done on 9/11 in prior years. no 9/11 post stood out in my mind. have i ever made a deal about it on this site? hey, that's why the blog gods created the archives. so i took a peek.

last year, i didn't post on 9/11. the year before that, i did do a short post, mostly about how politicized the day had become. in 2006, i told the heavily edited story of the day i had in new york city. (if you want the real story, you need to ask me in person) the year before that, i was in damascus, and it didn't come up. in 2004, i did write a 9/11 post--how 'bout that! and in 2003, on the first 9/11 after i started writing this blog, i was in khiva and brought it up only tangentially at the end.

so what does that prove? i'm not sure. probably nothing. maybe i had a point when i started looking through my archives but now that i've retrieved all those links, damned if i don't post them. it does show that i haven't been very consistent. and that i sometimes travel in september. actually, at one point i thought i would probably be traveling now. which is why my no caffeine month ends today. i am sipping my first cup of coffee in 31 days at this very moment. maybe it will help me deal with the swaying building.