Monday, February 21, 2011

no basque for you!

one totally unexpected side-effect of fatherhood is that i am reading a lot more. i know, it's pretty weird. i'm supposed to have less free time now that i got a toddler at home. but since december 16th i've been flying through books much faster than i have for years. basically i attribute it to two things: (1) i no longer meet with my arabic tutor which means that all the time on the train and during lunch that i used to spend translating articles is now reading time, and (2) with noz jr. falling asleep at 8pm, the house gets really quiet so i tend to do quieter things (like read) after he falls asleep.

in any case, that means i'll probably start blogging about books more here. or maybe not. i'm pretty bad at predicting what i will later feel like writing about. several times over the past few weeks i've almost written something about the basque history of the world. but obviously i haven't and now that's 3 books ago and so i think i probably won't. but since i'm so bad at predicting maybe saying i won't means that i might. but that last sentence might just flip it back to i won't again, maybe.