Monday, February 21, 2011

more oil than bone

seif al-islam al-qadhafi throws a bone to the protesters calling for an end to his father's government:
He offered a vague package of reforms in his televised speech, potentially including a new flag, national anthem and confederate structure.
wow! a new national anthem!!!

seriously, is that guy so out of touch he thought a new flag would actually satisfy anyone? (admittedly, libya has the dullest flag in the world). when faced with democratic protests, the president ben ali of tunisia removed censorship of the internet and promised not to run for reelection, mubarak promised elections six months later and that neither he nor his son would run, the king of jordan dismissed his cabinet and appointed a new prime minister, the emir of bahrain promised to expand freedom in the media. none of those things placated the protesters, but they were actual concessions.