Monday, May 09, 2011

ipad boardgame geek bleg

i'm probably asking at the wrong place, but can anyone out there recommend any strategy boardgame app for the ipad/iphone? i see there is a settlers of catan app (that costs money and doesn't have great reviews). there's also one for tikal, a game i have played but don't know very well. carcassonne has a fairly well-reviewed app, but it's pretty overpriced. as far as i can tell puerto rico and ticket to ride don't exist yet in app form. (UPDATE: P.R. is coming!) tigris & euphrates seems to be in the works, but isn't out yet. hansa doesn't have an app either (this isn't it). i'm assume there's no reasonable chance of ever finding a тоғыз құмалақ app (but i'd be happy to be wrong!)

those are the games that i thought of looking for. there are probably a lot of others that i didn't occur to me when i was searching. of course, i'm happy to try a good strategy game that i haven't played before. i downloaded the app for reiner knizia's money!, but i haven't figured out the rules yet.