Monday, December 05, 2011

not gonna happen

on its merits, i believe that former president bush should be arrested for the torture he ordered. but unless the u.s. ceases to be a super-power during bush's lifetime, it will never happen.

if, for example, zambia had heeded amnesty international's call, can you imagine the resulting shitstorm? members of congress would be introducing legislation to cut off all aid to that country, and demanding that president obama invade the country to rescue the former president. zambia would also jeopardize its close relationship with china, a country that would have a lot to worry about the precedent it would start. no international court has issued a warrant against W so zambia would have to try him itself, a trial that the country is probably completely unequipped to pursue. zambia would gain nothing from the arrest, and has everything to lose.

while i don't blame amnesty for publicly calling for bush's arrest. it makes a good point and AI is a human rights organization. it's purpose is to make good points. but realistically, no one should expect bush, or anyone else high up in the former administration, to ever answer for their crimes.