Tuesday, December 06, 2011

the secret of newt's success

i'm not saying anything new here, but the reason that newt is getting his surge is because he is perceived by the republican electorate as being strongly disliked by liberals.

that's it. it's not because they agree with his views on issues any more than any of the others. it's not because they are looking for an "intellectual" to lead them after experiencing a parade of dunces. it's because they think people like me don't like him. and they also seem to think that people like me not liking him makes him more electable.

which is awesome. because i think they are wrong on both counts. while i think newt would make a disastrous president (and let's face it, they all would), he also makes a disastrous candidate. and that significantly increases the entertainment value of this whole race--both because of newt's shenanigans and because it means i have little actual fear of a president gingrich coming out of it at the end.

but keep it quiet. because if the teatards find out that people like me actually have a secret crush on the gingrich, they might jump ship for someone else.