Friday, January 27, 2012

master debaters

last night, after seeing josh marshall's post that "I think this debate is a bigger mess than any of the previous one", i actually tuned in for a bit. man, that was terrible. maybe i didn't see the good bits.

i did see the part where the palestinian american identified himself as a republican and asked what the candidates would do for the palestinian cause. mitt's answer was that everything bad in the conflict was the palestinians' fault. gingrich's answer was that he would move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. paul and santorum weren't given a chance to answer. this was just after the candidates piled on president obama for not causing a "cuban spring" that would overthrow the castro regime, like ronald reagan would have done. because we all remember how castro was overthrown when reagan was president.

that was pretty much all i could take. apparently, i came in too late for the best part. but even reading about that it doesn't sound all that great. i should have learned my lesson in october. roger simon is right, obama should just run unedited video of the GOP debates as his political commercials in the general. there's really no better pitch for a second obama term than that.