Friday, June 22, 2012

about that new look

so in order to switch to disqus, i first had to upgrade to one of those new blogger templates. and by "new blogger templates" i mean the ones that were rolled out in 2006. i never bothered to upgrade because i never really had reason to and it looked like too much work to reconstruct all the links and doo-dads i had added to my old skool html template.

now disqus is giving me a reason to upgrade my template. but none of the new templates really look like the old one, so i guess this blog now has a new look. i'm not too happy with it, but that might just be because i'm not used to it yet. and for now i just want to get the comment system set up and exported over, and i can deal with improving the look of the site later.

at least that's what i'm telling myself. it's just as likely that i will never get around to improving the look of this site once i work out the comments issue. so you might as well get used to it too.

UPDATE (6/23/2012): and it looked liked the echo comments successfully imported overnight. it even looks like they are associated with the correct post. so tossing out my template wasn't all for naught. yippy!