Saturday, June 23, 2012

just to make this blog even more boring...'s another post about my new comment system!

so far my one beef about it is that the comments are appearing in reverse order. that is, the newest comments are on the top, rather than on the bottom, like it was in my prior comment system and in just about every other blog comment system i have seen.

it just seems unnatural to have them ordered that way. which is also a little weird, because it just occurred to me that is how the blog posts are ordered, with the newest ones on top and the posts getting older as you read down. i'm not sure why it seems natural for the blog posts to be organized that way, but freakish and backwards to have the comments in that order. but it does. so i want to fix it.

does anyone know how i can fix it? there is no obvious solution in the disqus administratin page. and yet, other blogs that use disqus (e.g.) have comment threads ordered the "right" way, so there has got to be a solution.