Sunday, June 24, 2012


after all that, it looks like quite a lot of my older comments are gone. (see, for example, this semi-random month from the archives with no comments at all--though i remember getting comments from some of those posts). not all of the old comments are lost. this thread from 2003 seems to have the oldest comments that are still on the blog. after that post, the next-oldest are from 2005, two years later. i'm positive i got comments at some point in 2004.

i have no idea whether the comments were lost in the transition from haloscan to echo in december 2009, or the transition from echo to disqus this week. i guess it doesn't matter. i'm not completely starting over like i would if i just switched to the native blogger comments. but it looks like i lost most of my comments before december 14, 2009, which suggests that the problem was probably that earlier haloscan to echo transition. if it took me 2.5 years to notice, i guess it must not be that important.

i promise to eventually stop with the posts about the characteristics of this blog. really. shit happens. i mean, the supreme court will probably chuck out 70 years of precedent in the coming week. i'm not sure if i will post about that particular issue, but stuff like that is bound to distract me away from the format/comment issues.