Monday, July 09, 2012

boardgame geekery

games stuff i discovered over the weekend:

quo vadis is a really good, if underrated, game. reiner knizia is famous (in the small small world of boardgame fandom) for being one of the best designers of strategy games around. why does this one that he designed get so little attention?

after spending money to download the app, i'm afraid that it might not be possible to learn le havre solely from the ipad version. which is too bad because i've heard such great things about the boardgame and thought spending 5 bucks to download it would be a great way to try it out without all the logistical problems of buying the physical version and trying to wrangle my game playing friends to find a night to try to figure it out with me. maybe i will run through the ipad game tutorial again. but when i tried last night, it didn't take long before i was completely lost.