Friday, July 06, 2012


erin mcpike of real clear politics has analyzed the romney campaign's recent activities and concluded that romney's "short list" for veep are: tim pawlenty, rob portman, paul ryan and bobby jindal

of this list, i'm hoping for jindal, with ryan my second choice, pawlenty in third and portman last. i know the least about portman, so maybe if i find out more i will start rooting for him instead.

still, it's hard to top jindal. that guy has got everything! the last time he tried to speak publicly to the nation, his performance was universally panned. he comes pre-scandal plagued. jindal presides over a disastrous prison system that is currently the subject of an 8-part exposé by the new orleans times-picayune. which means romney-jindal is probably too good to be true. i would put my money on paul ryan (who is at least my second choice)