Thursday, August 30, 2012

i'm not seeing the "systematic rigor"

 reinvention, romney style:
From the moment that Mr. Romney ended his first bid for the Republican nomination, he complained to friends, advisers and family that he had felt cheated out of a chance to explain himself to the country. He had emerged from his debut on the national political stage, he told them, as a caricature he did not recognize: emotionally uncaring, intellectually inauthentic, ideologically malleable.
Over the next three years, a little-examined period in his life, he sought to reclaim his public identity with the self-critical eye, marketing savvy and systematic rigor of the corporate consultant that he once was.
so mittens spent the three years trying to correct the misapprehension that he was uncaring, inauthentic and ideologically malleable? can we can all agree that his efforts to change that perception have been a spectacular failure?