Wednesday, August 29, 2012

is anyone watching the republican national convention?

i'm not watching the RNC, but i keep wondering if anyone other than reporters are. usually when there is a big event on tv, like a sporting event, an awards ceremony, or some popular show, my facebook feed fills up with people commenting on it. but so far i haven't seen any giving any indication they are watching this convention. to the extent there is commentary about the convention, it's about articles reporting on the convention, rather than first hand reports of what someone says he or she saw on tv.

not that my friends are representative by any stretch of the imagination. i do have some conservative friends, some of whom post quite often on FB. but so far there is nothing but silence from them about the convention. i guess it is possible they are hiding their convention-related posts from me. but why would they do that when they don't hide me from their other political posts?

and then there's this poll, taken before the start of the conventions, indicating that the public has little interest in watching.

i'm curious to see what the ratings will be like. if the ratings are really dismal, will either of the parties have the guts to ditch the convention (or at least the convention as media extravaganza) in the future? i guess as long as the press keeps lavishing these events with coverage, the parties will want to keep doing them. but what if the focus of the coverage were a little harder than it currently is? what if the press spent more time highlighting the lies, and the embarrassing glimpses of the off-message sentiments of delegates, rather than the glossy heavily scripted show?