Wednesday, September 12, 2012

missile defense

whenever anyone talks about missile defense systems these days, the threat to be countered is always missiles fired from somewhere the middle east. yet, whenever i read the details about the system (for example, where the anti-missile launchers and radar stations are located), the setup seems to be designed to stop a missile launched from the former soviet union. i mean, where does it look like the missile in this graphic is coming from?
(click to embiggen)

i'm not sure why this is. are missile defense designers stuck in a cold war mentality? is the u.s. still worried about a russian ICBM attack but doesn't want to say it publicly so they are using the scary middle east as a cover? or do i just not have the expertise to know what i am talking about and, despite what i think it looks like, these really are aimed at stopping a middle eastern missile?