Wednesday, September 12, 2012

apology follies

the romney campaign's disgraceful and space-time continuum altering statement about the events in egypt and libya are the natural outgrowth of romney's foreign policy framing. the romney campaign doesn't have much of a foreign policy. at least they're not telling anyone much about what the candidate's positions are other than the fact that he thinks that whatever obama is doing is wrong.

one specific thing that romney has repeatedly said obama is doing wrong is that the president is apologizing for america to the rest of the world. never mind that the charge is not true. much of what the romney campaign says isn't accurate, especially as it gets increasingly desperate. but the apology thing has been central to the romney campaign from the start. it's in the title of the book that mitt used to launch his current presidential campaign. it's part of the reason that romney's foreign campaign tour turned into such a disaster.

given that his only concrete foreign policy proposal he has is "no apology", it is inevitable that he would jump all over the embassy's statement as an example of an "apology" by the administration. the campaign probably has an intern whose sole job is to search the news wires for examples of the u.s. "apologizing" on obama's watch, especially since the fact checkers have been dogging the romney campaign. the embassy's statement doesn't actually look like an apology to me (it certainly is no more of an apology than this). but if you are trying hard to find one, i can see how it could be spun into one.

ADDING: ouch. i guess basing your entire foreign policy on a two word phrase isn't a winner after all.