Wednesday, October 31, 2012

a new hope

i'm going to take what seems to be the contrarian view among my star wars peers and say that this is good news. the reason why so many people are opposed is the idea the prospect of another star wars trilogy that will ruin the original trilogy. i have gone back and forth about whether that is possible. episodes 4-6 are what they are, regardless of what else comes before or after. but they do feel different when additional lesser films are added to the franchise. "look at episodes 1-3," opponents of further films say.

but isn't that just the reason not to fear more star wars films? if you buy the premise that films you like can be ruined by subsequent sequels (or prequels) and episodes 1-3 of this series is your evidence, then the star wars series, as it exists today, already comes pre-ruined.

there are two factors with this news that there will be another 3 star wars films that i welcome: first, george lucas will not make any of the new movies, giving us the chance of someone better taking over. second, the projected release date, around the fall of 2015, will mean that the next movie (i assume episode 7) will be released when noz jr. is right around the same age i was when the original star wars was released in may 1977. even if the new movies suck, it could be a lot of fun to have a kid sucked into the star wars marketing vortex. i'm getting pretty tired of all the lightning mcqueen toys.