Tuesday, October 30, 2012

everything is okay here

the center of hurricane sandy made landfall on the coast just SE of here, heading NW. the center of the storm (or what was left of it, the storm downgraded when it hit land) passed either right over my house, or just south of it. still, we didn't have any real problems. the power never went out. we had no flooding. a branch fell where our car would have been if we hadn't moved it into the garage. oh, and the newspaper (yes, i still subscribe to a paper copy of the newspaper) was delivered about 2 hours late this morning. oh, the humanity.

once again, even though philly is an "east coast city", you have to cross 50 miles of new jersey to get to the actual ocean (and i'm actually around 60 miles from the coast, since i'm in a western suburb). hurricanes are much worse for places that are on the water. NYC, for example, is a good 100 miles north of where sandy made landfall. but it's right on the water. so they got it much worse than us.