Sunday, January 06, 2013

you never know what you're gonna get

what is the point of those samplers box of chocolates? you know, like the whitman sampler, et al. while occasionally i have found a sampler that is not terrible, most are pretty bad. and even when it comes to the good ones (some companies do produce samplers that i kinda like), i would always prefer a non-sampler version of that company's chocolates.

i get a bunch of these things by distant relatives during the holidays--from people who don't know me that well but are vaguely aware that i like chocolate. i always end up eating them, because: (1) it is chocolate,  (2) my 2011 resolution has expired when it comes to candy at home (it is still in force with regard to candy in my office, that was the great compromise of 2012), and (3) without a resolution to stop it i will eventually at least start eating any chocolate that is in my presence. meanwhile, once i take that first bite, the sampler format makes me even more likely to eat all the way through. because there's that element of surprise and i'm never sure what each one will be, i keep eating on the vain hope that the next one will be better than the last. then i get to the end and realize i just gobbled down a whole box of chocolate that i didn't enjoy at all. it would be better if i was just given a whole bar of bad chocolate. then i could take one bite and throw it out.

does anyone actually like these samplers? and by "like" i don't mean "willing to choose eating over not eating them" but rather does anyone actually prefer a sampler over any other chocolate format?