Monday, October 28, 2013

Fail Strategy

When I first saw the headline, I read it as "House leaders plot new fail GOP strategy"

Then I read the article about those plans. Yet another vote to delay ObamaCare! Trying to embarrass Kathleen Sebelius into resigning! A resolution disapproving of the suspension of the debt limit! A resolution calling for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline! Those last two are non-binding resolutions. The first would count as real legislation, except that it has already been rejected by the Senate and the President several times, so it is sure to fail. And no one who isn't a delusional partisan thinks Sebelius is going to resign. (Even if she deserves to, it would be stupid to accept a cabinet-level resignation when Senate Republicans are talking about blocking all future confirmation votes, which would include Sebelius' replacement). Then again, the people in the drivers' seat at the House are the delusional folks who thought that shutdown stunt was winnable.

So I think my initial reading was pretty accurate after all.