Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I also don't get why there is so much optimism about this deal shaping up in the Senate. The Senate is not the problem. Before the shutdown even happened the Senate passed a resolution funding the government. The government shut down not because of anything the Senate did, it shut down because the House leadership refused to permit the Senate resolution to fund the government to come to a vote. And thanks to the House's 11th hour rule change, the House can't even vote on a resolution to fund the government unless Eric Cantor agrees.

Any effort to resolve this needs to target the House leadership--Boehner and Cantor. If the Chamber of Commerce is really so pissed off about the shutdown and possible default, why doesn't it use its deep pockets to run issue ads in their two districts? I'm not positive it would change all that much, but it would at least bring the focus back to where it belongs.