Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Devyani Khobragade incident

I realize the Indian government thinks this is about the indignities that their diplomat suffered when she was arrested, but I wonder how this is coming across to most people (or at least most of the people who are bothering to follow this stuff). To me it just looks like India is throwing a diplomatic tantrum for the right to oppress domestic servants.

I mean, I agree that strip-searching someone who is arrested for fraudulently obtaining a visa and violating wage-hour laws is pretty ridiculous. Apparently that's standard procedure when the U.S. Marshals make an arrest, and that is a real issue. But because the Indian government is not really addressing the charge against Ms. Khobragade and is just demanding her release, it really looks like they don't this that mistreating servants is a big deal. I mean the alleged victim (i.e. the domestic servant) is also an Indian national. Why no sympathy for her?