Thursday, January 09, 2014

Lowest Safety Rating, Lowest Product Rating, Banned in the EU

Woo-hoo! My hometown Kazakh airlne gets a shout-out in this CNN article about airline safety:

Nonetheless, it's useful know some of the airlines to consider booking if you'd prefer to concentrate on the inflight movie rather than rejigging your last will and testament in your head.

Probably not among them, however, is Scat, the unfortunately named Kazakh airline that shares a one-star ranking with the Afghan Kam Air and the Surinamese Bluewing Airlines.

All are on a list of airlines banned from flying within the EU.
Quite what the one star is for isn't revealed -- perhaps just getting off the ground.

It's certainly not for brand name development in the case of Scat.

Longtime readers (yes, both of you), will probably remember these prior posts about Scat. The ranking for Scat is here.

(via JF)