Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A course correction is not possible

I've kind of said this already, but I really find the right's renewed fascination 15-20 year old Bill Clinton sex scandals to be bizarre. Are they really so clueless to believe this will harm Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations?

The Lewinsky-based impeachment helped Bill Clinton's own popularity during his presidency and the entire array of sex scandals generated sympathy for Hillary that caused her approval to improve as well. More than a decade later, this stuff is even less likely to resonate with anyone other than the kind of Fox News acolyte who wasn't going to vote for Clinton (or any other democrat) anyway.

The only explanation I have is that the true believing wingnut cannot seem to admit that the movement ever made a mistake, other than not being conservative enough. Clinton scandal-mongering backfired. But they don't remember it that way because that would mean they were wrong to spend all that time in the 1990s pointing to scandals and impeaching he President.

It's the same phenomenon with Benghazi!tm. They keep trying to make hay out of that attack, starting right from the day of, when Mitt Romney broke that unofficial rule of not politicizing 9/11 and brought it up, which completely blew up in his face. Then they tried to make hay of it again after 9/11 ended. And again and again and again. It has never caught on with the general public, and their fixation on that attack has become a bit of a joke in some quarters. But they can't stop, because that would require the acknowledgment that the strategy doesn't work. Which means they are stuck. They are forever committed to a politically losing strategy, something that motivates their own people and alienates everyone else.

Benghazi!tm is just a year and a half old. But the fact that they are still bringing up the Clinton sex scandals that completely failed to turn the public against the President in 1998 shows that Benghazi!tm still has a long future ahead of it.