Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ukrainian Nukes and Putin's Stinky Argument

I joked about this last week, but apparently at least one member of the Ukrainian parliament is seriously proposing a re-nuclearization of Ukraine.

By the way, Putin's argument that the Budapest Memorandum no longer applies because the coup in Kiev created a "new Ukraine" which wasn't party to the agreement is utter garbage. Russia itself continues to abide by agreements entered into by the Soviet Union (and the switch from USSR to Russian Republic was a lot more of a change than Ukraine before and after Yanacovich was ousted). I keep hoping that someone will ask Putin why Russia continues to honor any of the agreements it has with Egypt, Tunisia, Mali, Libya, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, etc. that date back to before each of those country's coups or revolutions. If anyone reading this wants an example of a specific question to ask, how about why Russia's lease of Kant Airbase is still valid, notwithstanding two (count em, two!) unorthodox changes of government since the original lease agreement.

 (via Memeorandum)