Wednesday, June 18, 2014

aka تشيلسي مانينغ?

ISIS has a leaker.

The article refers to the leaker by his English twitter handle, @wikibaghdady, but if you go to his (her?) twitter feed, you can see that the English handle is really a short version of his full twitter name: ويكلكس دولة البغدادي, which I would translate as "Wikileaks Nation of Baghdadis," or something along those lines. So its a pretty overt reference to Wikileaks. (Although I think "Wikileaks" is usually spelled "ويكيليكس" not "ويكلكس" (with two fewer يs)--see e.g.).

The "Nation of Baghdadis" bit might refer to wikibaghdady's allegiance to the people from Baghdad. Maybe the leaker is an Iraqi refugee.