Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Visa free for visitors from richer countries

I don't understand why more developing countries don't do something like this. In fact, why is Kazakhstan limiting the new visa-free regime to just 10 countries? If they were smart they would make travel to Kazakhstan visa-free for passport holders of every country in the world that is wealthier than Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan, unlike other developing countries, does have migrant laborers from poorer neighboring countries. Being an open border kinda guy I don't really approve, but I do understand, that there are domestic pressures to keep out foreigners who might "steal jobs" and work at lower wages. None of that would apply to countries like, for example, Sweden, Canada, or Luxembourg (to pick some random well-off countries that are not on the visa-free list). Also, Belgians are not swarming to Central Asia seeking work. So the government might as well do everything it can to coax them to come to Kaz to piss away their first world money.