Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The GOP has been projected to do well in the upcoming mid-term elections for most of the last year. The only reason I have to say "most of" is because there was that brief period last fall when they stupidly shut down the government. That the Republican brand to suffer so much that people briefly talked about the possibility that Democrats might hold the Senate and pick up some House seats, rather than lose them.

Of course, the Republicans' decision to do something wildly unpopular in 2013 was too far away from the election to have much of an influence and projections of Republican dominance in the polls quickly came back after the shutdown fiasco ended.

But if the Republicans are so stupid that they want to manufacture another shutdown crisis on the even of the next election, I say, go for it!

Seriously, how dumb can they get? Haven't they figured out how to use the electoral calendar to their advantage? All they have to do is pass a clean continuing resolution funding the government through November 5th, the day after the midterm elections, when--unless they totally fuck things up--the news will almost certainly be all about the Republican victory. They can ride that wave of fawning news coverage to all kinds of concessions from the craven Democrats. They just need to time it right.

Sometimes I am really glad that no one reads my blog.