Friday, June 20, 2014

Why isn't it horribly hot yet?

Can anyone explain to me why the Summer solstice doesn't fall in the hottest time of the year? I mean, the summer solstice is when this hemisphere gets the most sun. So you would think that late June would be hotter than, say, August. Actually, why isn't May so much cooler than August, when May is much closer to the solstice than August is and thus gets a lot more sun.

I wonder the same thing about winter. January and February tend to be a lot colder than late-December when the winter solstice falls. Why do the most extreme seasonal temperatures for summer and winter tend to appear a month or two after the solstice?

(I think I may have asked this question before on this blog, but I can't find the post and I don't remember the answer if I got it.)