Monday, July 07, 2014

A Rolling Coal Gathers No Moss

I'm hardly the first person to mention this, but "cultural conservatives" sure do spend a lot of time doing dumb things just because they think it will piss off liberals.

I can't find the actual post, but somewhere in the archives of Charlie Pierce's Politics Blog is a quote that I think about all the time. The quote is something like: "It is an enduring but unrecognized truth in American politics that conservatives tend to mistakenly believe that liberals hate them, and liberals mistakenly believe that conservatives are stupid." I wish I could find the quote, because Charlie (unsurprisingly) said it much better than I ever could. But seriously, it is true. I do think that a lot of conservatives are stupid. I am constantly trying to be fair and remind myself that politics is not an I.Q. test and reasonable people can come to different conclusions about various issues.

But damn, intentionally belching toxic smoke into the air, air that you need to breath to survive, just because you are under the impression that the President of the United States would somehow notice your particular pick-up truck and get upset, is pretty fucking stupid.

(Someone please find me the Charlie Piece quote. Pretty please?)