Friday, July 25, 2014

Doing their opponents a favor

I'm on a ton of democratic party emails lists (and the lists of democratic leaning but allegedly independent groups). They spam two different email addresses I have every day with alerts and pleas for money. Based on the emails I have gotten over the past few days, it looks like the democrats believe that the impeachment talk by the loons on the right is a nice fundraising tool.

That, I think, is why the Obama administration is trying to pretend this is a serious threat. They want to use it to make their base feel threatened so they open up their wallets. I'm not sure it will work. Unless the Republicans are so stupid that they really do try to impeach the guy. Then the base really will rally. Because currently a rallied Democratic base is currently bigger than what the Republicans can bring to the polls (one of the main reasons that the GOP is expected to win in the upcoming midterms is the projection that a lot of democratic voters tend to sit out non-presidential races), the GOP would be doing the democrats a massive favor if they do.

I don't think they will do it. No matter how hard they try, this spam has failed to alarm me.