Thursday, September 11, 2014

Going back

As others have said, it's pretty discouraging that Obama held up American actions in Somalia and Yemen as the model for his shiny new war against the ancient Egyptian goddess of health and marriage. At least he broke some new ground with the speech, when was the last time that Somalia was held up as a positive example for anything?

Actually, this whole thing is pretty discouraging. As I said yesterday, it really has been astounding to watch the war fervor being whipped up against ISIS over the past two weeks. Somehow we need to get past the idea that not deciding to go to war is a sign of weakness, especially when the war in question has no clear endgame. Once again, the Onion gets it right. Until this country figures out how to not go charging into the Middle East anytime the usual war mongers start their mongering, we will continuously face the question of how to extract ourselves from another Mideast quagmire. But I guess that will be the next President's problem.