Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Obligatory election almost-prediction post

I'm afraid that Booman's post is probably the most realistic of the optimistic predictions I have seen, and doesn't have the Democrats winning in the Senate today. Instead, he just predicts the Democrats will manage to get themselves to runoffs in Georgia and Louisiana, and if they manage to win each one and if Greg Orman caucuses with the Democrats, then there would be a tied Senate with Joe Biden breaking the 50-50 split. So even the more optimistic prediction is a longshot for the Democrats, although it would keep the ball in the air past today.

I am much more optimistic when it comes to the governor's races. Tom Corbett is going down, which will make him the first Pennsylvania Governor to ever lose a reelection race. I was disenfranchised when he was first voted in, so I have spent the last four years waiting for the chance to vote him out. My vote this morning was quite satisfying thankyouverymuch.

I am also convinced that Governor Rick Scott is going down in Florida. And I am hoping that Scott Walker and/or Rick Snyder lose their races. Each of them is slightly ahead in the polling averages but it is slight enough that things could go the other way. If only one loses, I hope it is Walker just because it will cause a bigger splash in the news.

ADDING: How could I forget the Kansas governor's race? Sam Brownback's loss will be especially sweet. I'm really looking forward to that just because of what it means for his experiment.