Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The morning after

So that was even worse that I expected. It had seemed pretty clear that the Democrats would lose the Senate. I was expecting that and frankly it doesn't matter a whole lot whether there is GOP control with a 51-49 split, or GOP control with a 54-56 split. The problem is control of the Senate, not the exact number of seats.

So in the past few weeks, I found some solace with the Governor's races as a whole bunch of my least favorite govs were facing reelection. That was where the real disappointment lies. Sure, Corbett went down. He went down so badly, they called it within minutes of the polls closing. That was a nice moment. I was expecting Rick Scott to lose in Florida and Sam Brownback to lose in Kanasas, and yesterday I was still holding out hope for a Walker, Snyder or LePage would lose, even though the polls all had all three narrowly in the lead. All five of them survived.

And Brownback! I was sure he was going down just because the story of how he enacted a Republican dream agenda and then thoroughly trashed the state's economy was too compelling to not see a happy ending. I guess we will get to watch him destroy the state a little longer.

So it was bad. Not as bad as 2004, and I got over that one pretty quickly. Plus, Wolf won! Seriously, I do not think I have ever lived under a governor that I have disliked as much as Tom Corbett. And pretty soon, I won't be any more.