Sunday, December 07, 2014

Chocolution 49: Venchi, Dark Organic

This is #49?!?! Holy shit, have I really almost completed a full year of weekly chocolate tastings (and bored whoever is still bothering to read this to tears)? At least if there is anyone left who isn't immediately skipping over these posts, you can rest assured that after this one there are only three left.

Anyway, I found the Venchi Dark Organic (err, excuse me, biologico) to be a little disappointing. Once again, insert my usual proviso: my tasting series is limited to really fancy expensive chocolate. By "disappointing" I don't mean "bad." I just mean not as good as what I have come to expect. The problem with this one is that the chocolate taste is really understated. Which is an odd thing when you consider that this is a dark chocolate bar, and when I'm looking to have a dark chocolate fancy bar it is generally because I want a stronger chocolate taste. But there it is. I'm not sure what they did to pull it off. The bar has a fairly high percentage of cacao. I'm guessing they did something to minimize the bitter aftertaste (because there is very little bitterness) and ended up taking out some of the chocolate experience.

Again, better than the stuff you will find in the candy aisle of the local drug store. Just not one of the greats, IMHO.