Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Windows: Insurrection

Hey remember when the release of a new Windows OS was major news?

For the last few Windows OSeseses it seems like the better ones were the odd number ones--the opposite of how Star Trek movies used to work.* Windows 8 sucks. Windows 7 was good. Windows Vista (#6) was terrible, but XP (#5) worked pretty well. If that holds up, the next OS (#9) should be good. Except that Microsoft has decided to call the new one "Windows 10." By skipping the odd number does that mean it will suck? Will anyone even care enough to notice? The only reason I do is because I have to deal with Microsoft OS computers at work.

*Star Trek 1, 3, and 5 were all bad movies. But 2, 4, and (maybe 6) were at least arguably good. The pattern broke down when they started using the Next Generation characters and stopped numbering the movies.