Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Nauryz ruse?

Putin recently disappeared from public view, prompting all kinds of speculation about the state of his health, whether his hold on the Presidency and his not-so-secret mistress. The first sign that something was wrong was when he canceled his March 13 trip to Kazakhstan. Yesterday Putin reappeared, although it is still not clear what he was doing for the past 11 days, or why he vanished so suddenly.

Today, the Kremlin and Kazakhstan's presidential press service announced that Putin's visit has been rescheduled for this weekend. Which puts him in Kazakhstan just in time for Nauryz, the biggest holiday of the year in that country (and the best, IMHO. And trust me, I was there for a bunch).

So maybe Putin faked an illness so that he could be in Astana (or maybe Almaty, it's not clear what city he is visiting) for the Nauryz fun! That is as good a theory as any.