Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Midyear Resolution Report

For resolution A, I have received 13 letters/cards from 6 different people and responded to each.

For resolution B, I have read 5 of the 8 books that are subject to resolution B and completed three of the five trilogies. Specifically, I have read Plague Forge (thus completing the Dire Earth Cycle), The Year of the Flood  and MaddAddam (thus completing the MaddAddam trilogy), Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation (thus completing my reread of the original Foundation trilogy). In addition, I am about halfway through The Magician's Land, which is the 6th book I have resolved to read before year's end. Once I finish that one, I will have completed four of the five trilogies and all I will have left are the last two books in the Silo series.

Because I have met the four book threshold for resolution B, rule #3, my resolution book frequency will not increase in the second half of the year.