Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blog Maintenance update

I removed Site Meter (aka "Sitemeter") from this site. Which is too bad because Site Meter has been part of this blog since almost the very beginning (I'm not sure exactly when I first installed it, but the first reference to having it is here, about two months after my first real post). In the past few months, Site Meter went from being a little wonky and unreliable before it stopped working completely. Last month I noted that the service was probably dead. But I kept the code in my template anyway, hoping that someone would fix the problem.

It has been more than a month and no one is fixing the problem. Plus, Site Meter has a history of being hijacked by malware. So that's bad.

I still have Stat Counter, which is arguably better. It does give more details. But I always seemed to prefer Site Meter's more simple interface. Also Site Meter lets you make your stats public (which I have always done). I think that Stat Counter only displays the stats for people with log in privileges, at least if there is a public setting I haven't found it yet. I think Blogger's in-house stat counter is also only for the site's administrator. So you guys are the big loser from this change, not me.

UPDATE (8/14/15): Thanks to Iprent in the comments, I now have a link to the public version of my stats. To find it, look at the very bottom of the right column where it says "PUBLIC STATS 'N SHIT."