Monday, March 21, 2016

Obummer visits Cuba

I have never understood the arguments against normalizing relations with Cuba. Many of those same arguments are being recycled now to criticize Obama's visit. Yes, Cuba is ruled by an oppressive government that has little tolerance for dissent and has a terrible human rights record. But you could say that about most countries in the world. Should the President confine his visits to the minority of countries that are democracies with good human rights records? Why is the President allowed to visit China? Or Saudi Arabia?

It doesn't make any sense. I can read Ted Cruz's anti-Cuba visit screed and nod my head every time he talks about political prisoners or the dictatorship of the Castros, but that doesn't convince me that Obama shouldn't visit. Even if I buy Cruz's analogy comparing modern Cuba to the Soviet Union, St. Ron visited the Soviet Union. Lots of Presidents did.